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D6 Space OGL

This is the D6 Space released under OpenD6 OGL by Purgatory Publishing in 2004.


Base attributes[]

Each character has seven attributes, which measure basic physical and mental abilities that are common to every living creature (and some nonliving things), no matter what universe or dimension they exist in.

Agility: A measure of how physically articulate your character is, including his eye-hand coordination and agility.

Strength: Measure of your character’s physical power and ability to resist damage.

Mechanical: Your character’s prowess at operating mechanical equipment like vehicles, shields, spaceships, and sensors.

Knowledge: Measure of your character’s overall intelligence.

Perception: Your character’s awareness of himself and things around him, including the ability to interact with others.

Technical: Your character’s ability to manipulate, repair, and modify technology.

Extranormal: Measure of a character’s extraordinary abilities. In D6 Space, Metaphysics is the only Extranormal attribute, although gamemasters looking for more options (such as psionics or magic) may wish to consult other D6 System books. It is often listed by its type, rather than by the term “Extranormal.” Most characters begin with a score of 0D, since people with such abilities are extremely rare. Those who have an Extranormal attribute must decide how it’s manifested. Characters almost never have more than one Extranormal attribute. When you put dice in an attribute, you can either put whole dice in each attribute, or you can give each a mixture of whole dice and pips. Each die equals three pips.

Example:You’ve distributed most of your attribute dice, but you have four dice left to put in Perception and Technical. You could put 1D in Perception and 3D in Technical, or 1D+2 in Perception and 2D+1 in Technical, or some similar combination. Extranormal is the only attribute in which a Human character may have no dice; there is no maximum that a Human character may have in this attribute. No Human character may have less than 1D or more than 5D in any other attribute. Other species have other minimums and maximums, which are either listed with the species description or specified by the gamemaster.

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