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The generic scheme of Dharma 6 is suited to magic-tinted cyberpunk – however, the system should easily port to other settings. It's a rules-lite free d6 based game inspired by Shadowrun.


» Physical: Reflects all things related to Physical condition – both fitness and health. 3 is human average, while 6 is the peak of human performance.

» Mental: Reflects all aspects related to knowledge and intellect as well as the use of ranged weapons such as guns and insults. 3 is human average, 6 is Marilyn Vos Savant. While the Specialist attributes are defined by setting, the default setting uses the following attributes and bases most of the specialized abilities of a character on them, as we will see later.

» Tech: Refers to the character’s general knowledge in the use of technology, including electronic infiltration and information warfare.

» Magic: Refers to the character’s ability to use magical systems in general.


Dharma 6 PDF