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Final Fantasy D6

Final Fantasy D6 is a project started by Scott Tenglin in 1995, and later Martin Drury, Chris Pomeroy and Matthew Martin joined the team. During many years the project changed hands and around 2013 the third edition was spearheaded by Samuel Banner. At 274 pages it's

The book[]

The pdf have 274 pages, and the text is at times to copy from it.

Book index:[]

Chapter 1: 1 Gameplay p.5 
Chapter 2: Jobs p.14 
Chapter 3: Defining a hero p.94 
Chapter 4: Equipment p.118 
Chapter 5: Combat p.147 
Chapter 6: The World p.174 
Chapter 6: the World(FF differences) p.185 
Chapter 7: Magic p.217 
Chapter 8: Bestiary p.254 
Chapter 9: Conclusion(Characher Sheet) p.273