Gallant Knight Games

Gallant Knight Games is a Utah-based publishing company for RPGs, best know for TinyD6 line of games, along with other games such as Cold Shadows, For Coin & Blood, Planet Mercenary, Gallant Pocket Games.

In October 11, 2017 Gallant announced becoming official publisher for D6 System under license by Nocturnal Media[1]. This new title is preliminary named D6 System: Second Edition.

In June, 2018, Zorro: The Roleplaying Game was announced, which could use the D6 System for it's rules.[2]. It raised 30.000 $ of the requested 15.000 $, and have and estimated publish date of December 2019. A post mentioning delays with printing was made in October 2019[3], and the last KS update in December same year was backers only[4].

In January 2019 an update was made for the "D6 System: Second Edition" progress. [5]

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