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Here is a collection of links to resources that can be useful for running OpenD6 or other games at home or online and to find people to play with. Please help us expand.

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LFG (Looking For Group)[]

Playing Tabletop Games Online[]

Virtual Tabletops(VTT), Video Call softwares and other tools can be linked here. Please expand.

  • Roll20 VTT, browser, free options
    • The most popular VTT
    • Have D6 Fantasy, D6 Space and D6 Star Wars character sheets easy play. Custom character sheets can be made and used by paying users
  • Fantasy Grounds VTT,free options
    • Very popular VTT, Windows/Mac/Linux
  • VTT wiki for more, and a list
  • Skype video groupcall, free
  • SecureDice

General RPG Resources[]

Random Generators[]



Free Art Libraries[]

Graphics & Mapping tools[]

Sounds Assets & Tools[]

Game Campaign Management Sites & Tools[]

How to be a Gamemaster[]

Books about Gamemastering[]

Gamemastering articles[]

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