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Gladiator D6 : For Those About To Die! We Salute You!


We are in the process of holding some Friday Night Smackdown events, Gladiator style via the West End Games Fans Forums chat room. All are invited to attend and/or participate in the bloody events we shall unveil. As I produce material for that pick-up arena style role-playing event, I will place the information here for future upload to opend6.com once available. For ease of pick-up style play, we will start with MiniSix first page rules only (GM will introduce additional rules only as deemed necessary to the benefit of the crowds!)


Ancient Rome, Circa 35 B.C.E. (More Background Information Soon)


http://antipaladingames.com/minisix.html starting attributes will be used. More soon...

And Over Here, This Is Where You Will LIkely Die


Ok. So mostly combat related, but there will be some sly skills mixed in for taking advantage of your opponents weaknesses. More soon...


A plethora of weaponry for killing your loathsome opponents. More soon...

Modus Operandi

Helpful hints on how to run an arena match using Gladiator D6. More soon...

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