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Lunvans OpenD6 is a collection of simplified OpenD6 rules created to be quickly learned and played. It is currently of a very minimalistic design with only 16 skills and four attributes. It has very little introductory text and no examples of play.


The game is class based with 5 core class templates, and the combat system involves the use of six different HP pools for each region of the body (chest, head, left arm, right arm, left leg, right leg).


The pdf file was created using an XML format called Yagsbook which is specifically designed to be used for creating tabletop RPG rules.


The setting that the rules were written to conform to is based on a completely original mythology. It was authored by Zen Clark, and was made for a mud that is currently under development. The first part in a collection describing the Lunvans setting has been released. The file can be downloaded using Wave at the link below.


The latest release draft of the Lunvans game can be downloaded on

If you are interested in getting a copy of the yagsbook files, send a request to and they will be packaged up for you.