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OpenD6 Wiki is for collecting information about the OpenD6 rpg system, a project to create open-source tabletop RPG rules based on the West End Games's D6 System, but also of other D6-based rpg systems. OpenD6 was begun by Eric Gibson, owner of West End, before the company went bankrupt; the effort foundered through subsequent acquisitions of the property. The D6 system began as the rules for the Ghostbusters RPG, but it was the adaptation for the original Star Wars RPG that popularized the system.

More about us. Also, it's spelt "OpenD6", not "Open D6".

The links are for the complete PDF forms of OGL books available for OpenD6. You may use, edit, modify, sell, distribute, or reproduce anything in these books by including the Open Gaming License in your work. The are the works as produced by West End Games and are in a difficult to duplicate format. Sycarion of the West End Games Fan Forums created a complete D6 Fantasy SRD from the PDF. If you appreciate our work here and want to help, please compile the information in these books into the wiki to make them more easily searchable, accessible, and reproducible. Mirror for the books.

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