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OpenD6 OGL is the free license/label under which WEG published the D6 System and it's associated books and rules. The generic D6 System is the oldest of the OpenD6 books published in 1996, where the genre-specific Adventure, Fantasy and Space where published 2004-2005 as improvements of the D6 System. D6 Legend is a rule-variation that was based on the last works of WEG, which Hercules & Xena Roleplaying Game was the first to use it. Septimus was created by Bill Coffin and released under OpenD6 in 2009 when his publishing company went bankrupt.

About the Name[]

It's OpenD6, without a space, as stated in the OGL Product Identity and mentioned on wikipedia. For some reason it is found misspelt in many places, among Kickstarters and other. It's possible the this wikia is one of the most guilty to this, and corrections around the wikia have been made in all other instances except the wikia's name.

The main books released under OpenD6[]

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