This wiki is primary for collecting information about various systems, settings, books, homebrew, resources and links connected to the OpenD6 OGL system and secondary to D6 system games.

OpenD6 Wiki Main Goals[edit source]

Primary[edit source]

To act as a central repository and access point for OpenD6/D6 information, whether created for the wiki or collected from elsewhere across the Internet, and to provide the rallying point for a community of authors creating new games based on the free OpenD6 system's content.

Secondary[edit source]

To be a hub for information related to other D6-based games not directly linked to OpenD6/D6 System, for example Risus. This does not diminish the primary goal, but can only bring more people to find more D6 gaming options.

General[edit source]

Our long-term goal is to have enough information compiled in one place that the average fan can pick and choose what they want as far as rules, flavor text, and settings, copy and paste from the wiki into a document. and have a ready-made RPG customized for their needs and interests.

We want information on D6-game publishers and communities on all platforms, Homebrew rules, stats and Campaign information here, along with useful resources and links. Hopefully the wiki will expand and evolve with more content and this expanded scope.

Wiki short history[edit source]

The wiki was founded by Travis Wooten (Wrath) in 2010 under the name "Open D6 Resurrection Wiki"[sic] with a stronger focus on making the wiki/project independent from the owners of the OpenD6 license thanks to their internal problems and minimal fan interaction regarding the OGL material, full Declaration can be found here. Between 2011 and 2017 little was done on the wiki, only a handful of homebrew project where added and Wraith became inactive.

In March of 2018 User:Dell999 started working on the wiki with adding many pages and restructuring the wiki in general. In April of 2018 Dell999 adopted the wiki and renamed the wiki "OpenD6 Wiki", and expanded the objective of the wiki slightly to also encompass West End Games' other D6-based games and also unrelated but similar D6-based ttrpgs as to expand the potential user-base of the wiki and bring together people who like ttrpgs mostly using the simplicity of D6s.

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