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Why I chose to improve on OpenD6 (Resurrection) Wikia instead of other projects[]

When I started to look for documentation on OpenD6 and D6 Systems, I found this wikia but also:

Now, OpenD6 Project is well done, and could be used to import articles, and essentially complete in it's goal, to document OpenD6 game-mechanics. RPG library was for OGC but seemed to have no pages beyond one where all the OGL books where collected, so had no framework to work on.

Finally, there where also the wikidot page, that had some work done, and could have potentially been the basis for my OpenD6 restoration attempt, but the fact that wikidot have been declining, admins sleeping and spam appearing, I had little to no chance to gain moderator/admin rights to properly take over and restrict malicious deleting and other. With good probability wikidot can go belly up any given moment too, so there weren't guarantees for a long-time future of the page.

This wikia works well, and have the best long term survival chance. Just go look at D6 Links and all defunct pages there, some already accessible through Web Archives.