Hi everyone

Since I don't know where to start in my contribution to the D6 community, I decided to start with an article. Nothing scientific or all, just impressions about my return into the gaming world.

In 1987, as many of you, my rpg world got to a totally new direction with the Star Wars rpg and it's incredible and simple game system. Back then, I was much into D&D and Marvel Super Heroes. Since then, I've played a lot of games but got back to D6 regularly. In the 90's, I worked my own house rules and presented them into the D6&D6 website. In around 2002, I've stopped playing the D6. I was interested into D&D 3e and the chaosium Basic rpg. But I've never forgot D6.

From 2005 to the end of 2009, I was too busy to play at all. I've played about 2 and a half game, that's it. You know, as you grow up, work takes it's place, you have childrens on the way, adult responsibility but in your heart, you're still a hardcore gamer.

Enough history. Now my return.

I wanted to have a simple improvised game. I don't have much time to prepare so I take a random table that create sentences and I use them as a start for the days adventure. My goal : make a complete short adventure in 3 hours.

For the game system, I was hesitating between D6, Fudge, Chaosium Basic Rpg, d20 or classic D&D. The two last ones are too heavy to handle if you don't have time to read them between games. Fudge seemed interesting but I didn't felt quite confortable sith it. Finally, D6 have won. I got back in my old shoes.

Right now it's getting late folks, so I'll continue my blog later.

Good night

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