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Hi again

As I was writing in my last article, I'm back into D6 after a long time. Now I wan't to tell you some things about my setting and how I handle the rules.

Setting :

It's Star Wars. 500 years BY, a colony was being evacuated because it's sun was going mad and was going to become a supernova in an unpredictable way. A group of colonist, divided in a couple of huge transport ships, escaped into a rushed hyperspace as the sun exploded. A flare hit the group of ships and all technological things broke. The ships got out of hyperspace into a unknown planet and crashed onto it. Stranded on that hostile planet, the survivors learned to live without any technology. Back into a middle age kind of life, the player characters are descendants of the first survivors and are divided into two categories : those who wants to stay and those who wants to leave. They grew up on the planet, knowing that out in the stars there's starships and many other technological wonders they heard of into their bedtime stories when they were kids.

Many Star Wars alien races are available on that planet. The force is there as long as magic generated from a strange energy field coming from the planet.

Conclusion, it's middle-age Star Wars with some steampunk elements.

Rules :

D6 is so fluid that I don't flip into any books during the play exept to verify force powers when it comes to that. I don't have any magic rules and I don't intend for now into getting some since there's no Player characters that practice magic. Magic is for NPC's and I simply eyeball it for the story purpose.

I use Star Wars books but with D6 Legend. "+1" are rounded down and "+2" are rounded up. In my experience, D6 Legend is faster and it adds on into the gaming mood.

I rewards players who can say their quotes in dramatically appropriate moments but giving them 1 character point. To keep some Star Wars classics on, I give 2 character points once a during a game to a player who can say "I have a bad feeling about this" in a dramatically appropriate moment. It's a very good way to keep the players attention.

For close combat, I use the Dueling Blades rule presented in the WEDGE website some years ago. I have some variants based on some logic to use with that rule. Exemples are longer weapons are advantaged, smaller weapons are faster and much more... I will post something about that when I'll be satisfied with the results.

Right now I'm toying into making damage more lethal. I'll post my results for that too.

Here it is, once again it's getting late so I'll se you next time!

François Letarte