OpenD6 Wiki

Hi there

Gamers about my age often can't play as often as they'd like. Jobs, kids, all those things are time consuming. Of course we'd like to play GURPS or Pathfinder for example but those game systems are complex and needs time to study in order to keep them at their full potential. Do I have time for this? No.

That's where the D6 system comes. It's simple and can cover any situations with the same simple mechanic. It's perfect for everyone especially for GM's who have no time like me. Even with that system, things have to be narrowed down bacause of the lack of time. Again, I have no time to study the variant rules of the D6 core rules. I'd better spend my little time into preparation of an adventure.

So here comes Freestyle D6. I have this project in mind for some times now. I decided now to start a blog where I'll share my way of doing the Freestyle thing! It will eventually become a full set of friendly advices and house rules to ease up the D6 system.

To start with that, I'll talk about the Men In Black Campaign I'm running in my next post.

Good night everyone