• Dell999

    New Admin

    April 9, 2018 by Dell999

    I became Admin some hours ago, and have now improved and expanded the navigation bar.

    Later I'll start to rebrand the wikia from "Open D6 Resurrection" to simply "OpenD6 Wikia", and move the "Resurrection manifesto" and related text to a page of their own. It would by all reason be called a past chapter for the wikia, with the founder not being active in 7 years. Have to see how I'll improve the front page and make it more intuitive at some point.

    Hopefully others join here to add D6 Homebrew games and related pages. It should be easy as most pages don't even need a wikia username or login to get started.

    It seems I should carefully think what to place on the "MediaWiki:Description" page that shows as the text under google searches.

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  • Dell999

    I've continues to expand the wiki, partially with original articles, partially with some copypaste for elsewhere. I've replaced some dead links with webarchived versions when possible, and left others in comments if useful in the future.

    The OGL for OpenD6 have been now included together with some thoughts of their implications. Community and Game Resources have been added to supplement D6 Links. A Mirror page have been created to preserve all possible links and Mirrors to the OGL books.

    I've also reached out to the various communities about the new revival here so there might be done more work by others. could be used to populate base articles about opend6 rules, and categorized under OpenD6 and OGL.


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  • Dell999

    I made some cleanup of defunct links and such, will see what else I will do. I've been a fan of the D6 system and by extension, fan of OpenD6 and want to make an effort to make this page useful. Considering dropping the "Resurrection" from the name of the wiki as it have been for all intents and purpouses stagnant for long, with outdated links to forums, FB groups, even Google Wave! Seriously.

    Simplifying it back to OpenD6 might make this site easier to find in the future. Will have to think about it.

    - Dell999, 2018-03-27

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