So I've edited the wiki now and then, but haven't been as active as previously.

Some noteworthy OpendD6/D6 Sytem-related things have happened in 2019, namely:

Google+ was shut down, and with it the largest OpenD6/D6 System community disappeared

It mostly seems that it was migrated to MeWe, and D6 Online seem to have a small uptick in activity as well. The subreddit doesn't seem to be any more active than previously.

D6 System: Second Edition Announced

The other news is that Gallant Knight Games have gained the rights to make a D6 System: Second Edition, and aims to have a Zorro rpg using the updated D6 System rules published in December 2019.

New OpenD6 Toolkit App

Someone created a OpenD6 Toolkit App for both Android and iPhone.

I'll continue to update the wiki now and then but sure would be nice if others would contribute. As mentioned on several places, homebrew rules are more than welcome here. People don't have to worry much about getting new pages to have all the right categories and whatnot, I can always add those things afterwards.

~Dell999, April 18th, 2019

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